The Cascade Victor ribbon microphone features a 2 7/16" long ribbon of aluminum suspended in the field of a strong permanent magnet. When the ribbon is exposed to sound it vibrates within the magnetic field and a tiny current is induced in the ribbon. This current is amplified to produce sound.


What makes ribbon microphones so incredibly sensitive and accurate is that the signal comes directly from the material that senses the sound; nothing is lost in translation. The result is the most intimate, warm, and articulate sound produced by any type of microphone. Ribbon microphones are an excellent choice for recording guitar cabinets, drum overheads and vocals.



Dear Folks at Cascade:


Just a few notes to let you know how much I love your Victor ribbon Microphone.


As a musician who has been in the game for nearly 30 years I must say I am simply stunned at the quality of your product! I was honestly expecting to be totally disappointed when I opened the box.


First the packing and shipping was done very well and that was just a hint of things to come. The aluminum case is nicely fitted and seems to have been built for a lifetime of use. Knowing the fragile nature of the ribbon element this is wisely done. It fits very securely in its cozy padded bag. The fit and finish is much better than I would have thought possible at this price!


The first time I plugged it into my small tube pre-amp and put on my Sennheiser headphones I was instantly transported back in time, the silky smooth full natural sound made me feel Frank, Bing or Dean would have been right at home singing through this microphone.


I could not only hear my small home studio room but I could actually feel it!! I found myself moving about testing different areas and corners listening to the different effect it had on my voice. It brings a full warmth to digital tracks, I like the fact it does not leave that false thin high end a lot of cheap condensers have.


I think these early serial numbers like mine may one day be a very desired collectors item! Mine is to me already, look for my order for your other products soon... I don't know how I could be happier.


You might say... I'm a fan.

Sincerely yours,

Larry Beach

Temporarily out of stock

PRICE: $199.00

Color Options: Black Body/Polished Nickel Grill Only


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  •     Type: Ribbon (velocity) Microphone
  •     Ribbon type & Dimensions: 99% Pure aluminum,

            2.5 micron, 2 7/16" (L) X 3/16" (W)

  •     Polar pattern: Figure 8 Symmetrical design
  •     Sensitivity: -56.8 dB (1.4 mV/Pa)
  •      off-axis high-frequency response on sides
  •     Ideal for stereo microphone setups
  •     Internal shockmount construction
  •     135dB SPL capability
  •     Connector: 3-Pin male XLR
  •     Size: 2 13/16" (O.D. grill ,  2 5/8" (O.D. body); Overall length 7 1/2"



  • Victor Long Ribbon Microphone
  • Aluminum case
  • Premium mounting yoke
  • Soft padded carrying case
  • Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
  • Specifications and typical measurement report

Suggested Uses:


  • Acoustic & Electric Guitars
  • Vocals
  • Horns
  • Drums (room)

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